Developer Tools

Database Tooltips

You can easily add tooltips to any links to SWTORData with a simple script.

There are 2 options below.

If you do not have any links to Torhead or Ask Mr Robot on your site

If you include the following script within the 'HEAD' tag on your site, all links will be modified to have a tooltip.

<script src="http://swtordata.com/assets/convertmagictooltip.js"></script>

If you have links to Torhead and/or Ask Mr Robot on your site an you want to convert them


Item - 180-Day Starfighter Pass

Cartel Tooltips


Developer Tools

This page will be updated with more information later today.

Just add tooltips to existing links

If you just want to add tooltips to your website but don't want to convert torhead or Ask Mr Robot links you can use this script

<script src="http://swtordata.com/assets/magictooltip.js"></script>

Add Tooltips and Convert Torhead and Ask Mr Robot links to swtordata.com links

You should only use one script

If you want to add tooltips to hardcoded links to swtordata and convert links from torhead and Ask Mr Robot

If you use this it is highly recomended that you remove any torhead/Ask Mr Robot javascript to add tooltips

For now converted links will not have a tooltip

<script src="http://swtordata.com/assets/convertmagictooltip.js"></script>

Converting torhead and AMR links is meant to ease the transition not be permenant.

These links are slow and not ideal. It is still recomended that over time you manaully transition links.