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General Info

There are a few circumstances that a reddit post will be made with a list of guides.  
These are meant to happen with major events in the Game as a single source to find guides that will help a player, regardless of the site the guide was written on. 

These posts will show the top 10 ranked guides for the criteria. 

Also included will be a link to see all of the guides that match the criteria and links to a few guides to help using the site.  


When an in game even starts in SWTOR a post will be made with the top guides with a certain tag. 

Currently these tags are:

Other events will be added as relevant guides are added.

Major Game Updates

To account for any information that is currently under NDA, about 2 hours after a major game update goes live there will be a post to reddit with any relevant guides.  

If you are not under an NDA, I would encourage you to add your guides as soon as possible.

If you are under an NDA, I would encourage you NOT to even start creating your guide on SWTORData at this time, even if you do not click publish.  

I am currently working on ways to safeguard information like that before it is allowed to go live. 

This will be a manual process on my part and will not be automated.
I will check to see if there are enough guides to make posting worth it. If there are it will post.

This will run off tags with the following format:

"patch X.X"

For example. Any guides related to things added in 3.2 should have the tag
patch 3.2

Tag Abuse

Before anything goes to reddit, I will always perform a manual check to see what is about to post.  
This includes making sure that no unrelated guides will be added.  

If I notice that guides are being tagged that are not actually relevant, in the hopes of generating false traffic to your website, action will be taken.  

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