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How to Write a Guide


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Step 1 - Start with a name

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To create a guide.
Start at the main guides page and click the big button at the top that says "Create new Guide"
This will bring you to a page asking for a name for your guide.
Try to keep the name short and to the point. This name can be changed later if the scope of the guide changes. 
This name is what will be used when searching guides.

Step 2 - Choose type of Guide

You will be asked to choose the type of guide you want to create
This cannot be changed later. 

Most of the various parts of the guide will be the same regardless of what you choose. 
These options let you determine if your guide will be a direct link to a guide on a fan site or would be a guide written on SWTORData.

Step 3 - The Rest

The rest of the parts of creating a guide can happen in any order. 

Add Tags

To add tags to a guide, click "add tags" button at the top of your guide. 

This will bring you to a page that you can add a comma separated list of tags for your guide.  
The most used tags are displayed at the bottom of the page. 

Adding tags help with several things

Linking Relevant Items / Crafting

Click either "Add Relevant Items" or "Add Relevant Crafting" based on which you want to add.

You can search on those pages for what you want to link.

When you find what you want to link, just click "Link Relevant Item/Crafting"
At this time you cannot remove a link, but that is coming soon. 

Adding linked items helps someone reading your guide quickly go to anything that may help them. 
It also helps if someone is trying to find more information about an item, if your guide is ranked high enough it will have a link right on that page. 

Written Guide - Add Sections

Your guide can have as many sections as you want to add. 
To add a section just go to the bottom of your guide and click the link "Add a new section"
Enter a name for your section in the box that appears. This name is the header that will appear above each section. 
This name can be changed later.
This will add a new section at the end of your guide

Written Guide - Reorder Sections

You can easily change the order of sections by clicking "Change Section Order" at the bottom of the guide.  
This will bring you to a page that you can click up and down arrows to move sections.  

Written Guide - Modify Sections

Under a section header there is an icon that looks like a pencil. 
Clicking this will bring you to an edit page where you can modify the section text and you can change the title.

Right now these changes do NOT save while you type. So you should click "Update Userguidesection" often. 

Written Guide - Delete Sections

This cannot be undone!
If you want to delete a section all you have to do is click the button under a section header that is an "X".
This will give you a popup confirming that you actually want to delete the section.  
At this time there is no way to undo this. The section is permanently deleted. 

Link Guide - Change/Add Link

You can easily change or add a link to a link guide.  
Just click a button labeled "Change Link"
A text box will appear to put your link into (will be pre-populated with your current link if there is one).

This link is checked against a large list of blacklisted domains. If you are trying to add a link and it is now allowing you, if you think it should be allowed email me at 

Final Step - Publish Guide

Once all of the pieces are in place you can publish your guide.  
At this time there are no checks to make sure you publish an incomplete guide. 
Once a guide is published, you are not able to unpublished it

After a guide is published, if you start making any changes to the guide, they will show up as soon as you save that particular part. 

I am working on making it so you can have a published guide and a draft that you are working on. But this is not ready yet. 

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