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How to use Guides


If you log in. You can up vote or down vote.



The purpose of user guides on SWTORdata are to achieve a couple different things:

  1. Guides can be easily linked to items or schematics. Allowing players to look at an item and quickly see a relevant guide.
    1. The pages for these items displays the top 5 ranked relevant guides

  2. A single location to be able to find any guides you may need for SWTOR.

    1. Until now there was not an easy way to find guides. 

    2. There have been lists of sites that have guides but never a list of all of the guides available on all of those sites.

  3. Ability for players that do not run a fan site to have a place to write guides that will help the community. 

    1. There are many players out there that don't want to run a fan site but they want to write guides.

    2. These players can now write guides on a system built to handle guides instead of resorting to posting on the SWTOR Forums or on reddit. 

    3. As far as ranking goes these guides behave just like links to fan sites.

Reading a Guide

When you are searching for a guide the behavior can be a little different based on what type of guide it is.  


You are encouraged to add as many comments to guides as you want.  
These comments can range from adding more information to a guide (which the author can later incorporate into their guide) to saying something is inaccurate so other players get the correct information.  
The comments section will always be at the bottom of a guide. 


On a guide page you can up vote or down vote a guide.
You can easily change your vote from a down vote to an up vote or vice versa. 

You are encouraged to vote for guides since these votes affect the ranking in search results, which guides show up on a relevant item page, and which guides post to reddit when a new event starts.  

If you are viewing a link to a third party site. You can click the "comments" button to see the voting buttons. 

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