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What is SWTORData?

SWTORData runs in the red, I have always run everything I have made for SWTOR in the red.

In the past I have kept the details of this to myself, however I have decided that for 2017 I am going to be more transparent about it.

For that reason below you will find a table breaking down the costs and revenue I have recieved each month.

Money Spent

All Values are in USD
Month Server Costs Ad Revenue Donations Misc Income End of month
January 2017 $62.50 $25.55 $0 $0 -$39.95

How to support?

I have 2 main ways you can show your support.

If you wish to do a one time donation you can use paypal

Please note. This is not a donation that can be written off in taxes.

You can also sign up for smaller monthly donations using Patreon

Find all of the information here