Server Status Tracking

Welcome torstatus.net users

On December 18, 2016 after talking with the creater of torstatus.net, I have been given the domain and it now forwards to SWTORData

This replacement does not yet have all of the features but I am working on getting everything out as quickly as possible.

Still need to implement for feature parity Some of the features may not come until later since I need to have enough data in the database to be able to accurately test the feature.

If there are features you still need from torstatus.net, you can access a mirror at mirror.torstatus.net


What was formally torstatus is officially no longer being run

Since there was not a similar service that I could find, I decided to make a quick replacement

Similar to torstatus.net, every 5 minutes I am checking http://www.swtor.com/server-status

Change Log

While Server Status tracking is being heavily worked on, I will keep these change log here so you easily find out about changes

Server List


Star Forge

Population: Standard
Average: 2.14

Satele Shan

Population: Standard
Average: 1.69

Tulak Hord

Population: Light
Average: 1.35

Darth Malgus

Population: Standard
Average: 1.77

The Leviathan

Population: Light
Average: 1.26