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Help - SWTORData Splash Page/Home

The SWTORData splash page was built to get you to the part of SWTORData you care about quickly


Splash logged in f8470bdac63f093cc4d6e14c9e3c4c5bec3b529a01a82df085b9b4b28d828dd4

The splash page is broken up into 5 different sections.

  1. Search Button
  2. Miscelanious
  3. In Game Tracking
  4. Tools
  5. Account Management (changes if you are logged in or not)


Splash mobile b5b513ccddabc563b5e608e0e199b2f89446827e19aaf6b9531abba974e584ff

The mobile version of the splash page has these same sections, but here they are labeled and you have to tap them to expand your options.