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Help - How to search

Searching in SWTORData is quick and easy, but it can also be complicated and confusing



If you already know the name of what you are looking for, the search is easy. There is no need to press Enter or Return, the search happens as you type. This searches all areas of SWTORData at once, instead of having multiple search sections

This search also automatically pulls in results from other fansites like Tor-Fashion and Tor-Decorating



If you need to add filters to your search results, it can star to get a little complicated. To start, click the "Show/Hide Filters" button.

The easy options show right away, you can sort your results and you can limit to 1 or many different types of objects (Items, Abilities, Etc). You can also limit the saerch to only looking for an exact name match instead of allowing for an imperfect match.

Below that, are the filters that are unique to each object type. Not every object type has filters, but I am always looking at adding more. It is important to note that you cannot set these filters on multiple object types, if you do you will see a message like this:

Filter conflict

Sharing your search


If you wish to share your search results with someone it is easy with SWTORData. Right click (or hold down on mobile) the link "Direct link to search results" and copy. This links will take anyone directly to the search results, and the filters will be shown so they can modify it further if they wish. This link will never expire