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Galactic Trade Network Tracking on SWTORData

GTN tracking is now availble on SWTORData

To find GTN information go to "Search Database" at the top of this page, or click this link:

Search Database

GTN data is built into the existing website, instead of a seperate part. So you will see GTN data as you go through the site.

Version 1

Now when you are on any item page, you can see GTN Information at the bottom of the page. Broken down by server, or global information.

Global current average, high, and low price has also been added to the search results and tooltips. So any sites currently using the SWTORData tooltips, will now also show GTN information.

The Future

Now that the data is being collected, there is much more that can be done in the future. Here are a few of the things I plan on doing in the near future

Support GTN Tracking growth

GTN Tracking needs your help to succeed

If you like the GTN data (or any part of SWTORData) and want to see the data come in faster, please consider supporting this project on Patreon

Status of the API

In the near future I will be adding a full GTN API for developers (the API is currentl in private testing, and SWTORData uses this API when showing you the information)

the `Item` object in the `Data` API includes some limited GTN information. It will return the global current average, high, and low. This will remain when the full API is rolled out, for speed purposes.

Where to find GTN data

Due to the way GTN data was added, you will find GTN data in several places other than just on an Item page (but that will give you the most information)

Here are a few (but not all) other places you will find GTN data, while you are just normally browsing

Example tooltips

This is an example if what you will see when you search for an item.

Example item with GTN data

Example item without GTN data

Example search results

This is an example if what you will see when you search for an item.

Both when there is, and is not GTN data.

Click either of these to see what the information looks like on those pages


Polished Peacekeeper Greaves

Binding: OnEquip
Minimum Level: 52
Category: Armor
Sub Category: Legs
Average GTN Price: 184,995
GTN Low: 169,990
GTN High: 200,000

Diabolist's Superior Lightsaber

Binding: OnEquip
Minimum Level: 37
Category: LightSaber
Sub Category: Lightsaber
This item has not been seen on the GTN