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Developer Tools

Developer Tools

I strongly believe that to have a good community, we must work together. That is why I have put a lot of effort into creating good tools that other developers/fan site operators can use to power their own creations.

Use the tabs above to check out the current options

Database Tooltips

There are 2 versions of the SWTORData Tooltip. I highly recomend using v2 of the tooltip, all bug fixes will go there.

Regardless of which tooltip you use, they will both give you tooltips for every item type on the website.

They will also both automatically change any Torhead and Ask Mr Robot Item links. however with V2 this is done at page load instead of when your user mouses over the tooltip, creating a better experience

Tooltip V2

V2 of the SWTORData tooltip has been redesigned for speed and was built to be customizable. Unlike V1 is also properly supports HTTPS websites

With V2 you can have the script change the color of the link to the item quality, add a small image to the link, convert sites, or disable the tooltip completely

When you add the script to your page, you can set the following paramaters. If you do not send in a specific paramater, all of these will default to 'True'

  • add_tooltip
  • add_image
  • change_color
  • convert_sites

If you want all of these options enabled, the easiest option is to just add the script with no paramaters:

<script src=""></script>

However if you wish to change any of the default paramaters, here is how that would look:

<script src=";add_image=true&amp;change_color=true&amp;convert_sites=true"></script>

Be sure to add the above script in the 'HEAD' tag on your site.

You can easily add tooltips to any links to SWTORData with a simple script.

Tooltip V1

It is highly recomended that you do not use V1 of the tooltip, for now I am keeping this documentation up for those that may still use it.

There are 2 options below.

If you do not have any links to Torhead or Ask Mr Robot on your site

If you include the following script within the 'HEAD' tag on your site, all links will be modified to have a tooltip.

<script src=""></script>

If you have links to Torhead and/or Ask Mr Robot on your site an you want to convert them

<script src=""></script>


Regardless of which tooltip code you use, the actual tooltip itself will be the same.

Due to the way this was setup, the tooltip will always look the exact same as the upper left block on each page. (The part that looks like a tooltip)

Item - Template Trophy: Season 10 (Interior)

Ability - Shock

Crafting - Superior Lethal Mod 56

Mission - Creature Handler: Geonosian

NPC - Weequay Patron

Codex - The Prestigious

Decoration - Trophy: Mutated Geonosian Queen (Veteran)

Reputation - Dantooine Preservation Force/The Dantooine Initiative

Cartel Tooltips

Note: Cartel and Database Tooltips are designed to work together, but they are seperate scripts. You will have to include both if you want to have cartel and database.


Blockade Runners Cartel Pack

Basic Info

The tooltip will show the same block that appears when you search the cartel market on swtordata.

Adding to your site

Add this line of code to the `HEAD` section of your website

<script src=""></script>

Automatic Cartel Links

If you want to be able to link to cartel market items easily but you do not want to try to find them on the website first, this is how

This also helps if you know an item is comming up, but it has not been made available yet (like new packs). This way you can add a link now, and it will automatically work once it is available

To do this create a link to:

Replacing "blah" with what you are looking for.

It is recomended that you replace any spaces with an underscore (_). So a search for Blockade Runners Cartel Pack would look like:


If you are using the cartel tooltips, this will also automatically show tooltips. Will say it is unable to find it, if it is something not currently on the website.

Found Example

Not Found Example


SWTORData offers an API that allows you to access almost any information on the site.

You can find out all of the information on the api, in the API Documentation section

API Documentation