Dark vs Light Tracking - Tulak Hord

Tulak Hord

Last updated: November 23rd, 2017 13:01 EST

The light side controls the galaxy with rank 5

The light side has won! Vitory state will last until: November 24th, 2017 00:30 EST Loading countdown

Note: Due to processing time between taking the screenshot and saving the information to the database, the countdown and end time for Victory state may be a couple of minutes off.

Dark side 9687ee2a2987395e5e0756b7b2c6d2b20ad3508b432882b2c80c023252133d19
Light side 584614b53ca7cb52275637d217d784b8187f7f33ac5c70fe6acd4d21f629b53f
  • Number of times Light side has won: Since Launch - 138 Since 5.0.1 - 138
  • Number of times Dark side has won: Since Launch - 126 Since 5.0.1 - 126

Scan Status: Not currently scheduled to be scanned