Note: While merging SWTORCartel into SWTORData there will be 2 SWTORData tooltips. One for all other data in the database and one for Cartel Sales. Eventually these will be merged under one tooltip.

Easily link to items on swtorcartel.com

You may want to link to swtorcartel.com but you don't want to spend the time finding the item on the website

Or you are linking to an item that is currently not listed on swtorcartel.com

To get around this there is now a special 'auto item find' link you can pass a string to and it will forward to the item

To do this, just change any spaces in the cartel item name to '_' and sanitize the text (remove special characters like '

For BLOCKADE RUNNER'S CARTEL PACK this would look like http://www.swtorcartel.com/autoitemfind?item=blockade_runners_cartel_pack

If it can find the item it will automatically send you to that page

If it can't, you will see a page like this http://www.swtorcartel.com/autoitemfind?item=blah

I would recomend that if you are doing this, you always click the link atleast once. This is configured to speed up significantly once it is able to find an item automatically.

Future Enhancements:

Able to make it fallback on seeing if the item passed is part of a cartel market item and not a direct buy option

How to implement this automatically

Ruby (on rails)

sanitize cartelname.gsub(' ','_')

NOTE: The Tooltip does not currently work in IE! I am working on fixing it. IE is blocking the code so it will not mess up your page

Add a tooltip

You can now add a tooltip automatically to any links to swtorcartel.com

This will work for direct links to an item and autoitemfind links (assuming the link has been clicked once

To do this simply add the following code to the bottom of your page

<script src="http://www.swtordata.com/cartel/assets/magictooltip.js"></script>

Key Features:

  • If Item is unavailable the tooltip will be red
  • If Item is currently on sale it will list normal price and percent off
  • Show current price
  • Show Categories


Item 56
Collapsible Bowcaster Grek
Appearance Options: White Eyes

Future Enhancements:

Add cartel market pictures

Fix IE support