About Interesting Notes

Interesting notes is a feature that is currently exclusive to the reddit posts.

Interesting notes is automatically generated when posted to reddit. I wanted to build a way to draw attention to changes worth note.

The system will go through every change that happened, and build a list of notable changes based on critera I set. Every item in this list is given a "weight" to signifiy its importance. This weight is based on what type of change happened as well as data about the change. This weight is meant to bring up the more important events to the top. When I see this live I will make tweaks to how this works.

Once it calculates all of these (sometimes multiple for the same change), it will grab the top ones based on weight and post them to reddit. I do plan on eventually bringing this feature to the website, but it needs more tweaks before that part is ready.

Weighted Example:

Another Weighted Example:

Current Weight Breakdown (Higher the number, the higher chance it will show up in the list):

Type Base Weight Positive Modifiers Negative Modifiers Notes
First time an item has been on sale 6.0
  • Percent Off
  • Number of CC off
  • None
I felt like an item being on sale for the first time was one of the more notable changes
At its lowest price again (2nd or more time) 5.0
  • Percent Off
  • Number of CC off
  • None
I felt like a new low price was very close to relevance for first time being on sale
New Low Price (for first time) 3.0
  • Percent Off
  • Number of CC off
  • Number of times it has been at this price
I felt that if something keeps showing up at the same low price that it is interesting, but it gets less and less interesting the more often it happens.
Back on the market 1.0
  • How many days off the market (exponential increase)
  • None
This is the hardest weight to figure out. I wanted to be able to build it so every item returning would show up but would only grow to the top if it had been gone long enough. But also wanted it be an exponential increase. Since being off the market for 2 years should not just be considered twice as important as an item that has been off the market for 1 year.
Some example weights (rounded):
  • Off the market for 30 days: 1.98
  • Off the market for 60 days: 2.17
  • Off the market for 182 days: 3.43
  • Off the market for 365 days: 8.27
  • Off the market for 730 days: 65.5

At some point I may put a minimum weight required, but I don't think I am ready for that yet.