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API Information - Powered by SWTORData -- Official Alexa Skill

Offical Alexa Skill

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Alexa Skills use the SWTORData API to pull a variety of quick information.

Suggestions or Feedback?

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How to install on your echo

1. Open the Alexa app on your phone

Step 1

2. In the side menu chose "skills"

Step 2

3. Press the search box

Step 3

4. Enter "swtordata", press the first result

Step 4

5. Press "enable"

Step 5


The SWTORData Alexa Skill is intended to help with 2 main goals:

Example Usage

Refer to the following table for examples of how to use.

Note: All of these require you to first say "Alexa, ask s w data," and then the phrase in one sentence

You can also first say "Alexa, open s w data", wait a few seconds and then say the phrase.

Purpose Variations What to say
CXP Bonus None
  • What is the current cxp bonus?
  • What is the current command experience bonus?
Dark vs Light All Servers
  • What is the current dvl status?
  • What is the current dark vs light status?
Single Server
  • What is the current dvl status of [SERVER NAME]?
  • What is the current dark vs light status of [SERVER NAME]?
Server Status All Servers
  • What is status of the servers?
Single Server
  • What is the current status of [SERVER NAME]?

More capabilities will be added in the future, if you have any requests email me at


Here is a video I prepared showing what is possible.