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The SWTORData API was built with the simple purpose of making it easy for other services to get information about the game. This API is constantly evolving and adding new features, while attempting to maintain compatability with anything currently using the API.

You must have an API key (which is tied to your account) to use the API. You are encouraged to use different API keys for different applications, you can create as many as you want.

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Future of the API

SWTORData as a whole is currently undergoing a big change which directly impacts the API.

Improving the data

I have been going through all of the data on SWTORData in an effort to improve it. This basically means sitting down with pen and paper, writing down a bunch of data points and checking them off as I work through them. I have also been spending a lot of time going through the game finding random objects to compare against.

Service Distribution

Recently SWTORCartel and SWTOREvents were merged into SWTORData. However this merge was only skin deep. Under the hood the applications remain independent, I plan on keeping it this way.

This poses some interesting problems for the API that I am currently working on changing. Right now API authentication, key generation, response, etc all happen on SWTORData application. SWTORData itself has no knowledge of what the cartel market is. So a central API service will need to be created that other applications can use.

I have already scoped this work and I know what it will look like. This won't require any changes to your existing application. The basic idea is swtordata, swtorcartel, and swtorevents will still run their own API's, but will just communicate with another service in the background.

User Authentication

User authentication is tricky on SWTORData right now, and some of the issues are tied directly to the Service Distribution outlined above.

However as far as the API is concerned, I want to make it so someone can authenticate a User in their application. The most basic use for this is for comments. I could easily expose comments in the API, but I don't want to do that until I can also give a way for an application to post comments.

Transition the site to use the API

This is going through 2 main phases.

The current phase is all internal and boils down to internally I am using the same JSON generated by the API to serve all of the pages.

The second phase is the longer project. It requires both previous points (Service Distibution and User authentation) to be complete. I want to turn what is currently SWTORData, SWTORCartel, and SWTOREvents into API's only. Making one single user application that is powered by those API's.

"Screenshots" (quotes intended)